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ExhibitionStart DateEnd Date
Drawing The Line

Drawing The Line Eight members of the Re-view Textile group were "Drawing the Line" with work that was felted, printed, embroidered, constructed, painted, stitched, dyed.

There were coastlines, sea lines, landlines, energy lines, pattern lines, music lines and city grids.

05/ 07/ 14 18/ 07/ 14

Abstraction As you might have guessed, the works were totally abstract like, for example, Marie McGowan's "Elements" on the left.

The exhibition had on display over 140 original works created by over fifty Merseyside artists.

17/ 06/ 14 28/ 06/ 14
The Twelve Keys Exhibition

12 Keys Featured the work of the BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation second year students, the exhibition had a variety of styles across both video and print, from animated interviews to handcrafted books, pixilated photography to printmaking.

13/ 05/ 14 21/ 05/ 14

Cat-Tastic As usual our first exhibition of the year was an Open exhibition this time on the theme of cats.

Nearly sixty Merseyside artists showed us what cats mean to them. We had their interpretations of panthers, lions and tigers through to domestic moggies in paint, ceramics, and other media, all on show for you.

25/ 02/ 14 13/ 03/ 14
Christmas Open 2013

Christmas Open As we were celebrating our twenty fifth year in Seel street we thought we would set a 'silver' theme to the 2013 Chrismtas exhibition.

This exhibition celebrated the longest continuous period of operation that the Academy has had in its two hundred year history. It was reopened in December 1988 by sculptor Arthur Dooley with the help of local businessman Allan Johnstone and June Lornie, since then thousands of artists from Merseyside and beyond have exhibited their work.

03/ 12/ 13 18/ 12/ 13

Jill Zhang Work An exhibition of work by Chinese artist Jill Zhang.

Jill uses digital photography and the blending of images to create what is the digital equivalent of a sculptor's maquette. Using this as a basis she then painstakingly builds up the image putting layer on layer of oil paint onto canvas to produce a final translucent image which crosses time space and emotion.

11/ 11/ 13 22/ 11/ 13
Impasto Art

Umbrellas on the hill An exhibition of paintings by Merseyside artist Brian Beattie.

Brian needs no introduction to regular vistors to the gallery through his mastery of impasto techniques, applying acrylic paint with a pallete knife, he gives all his works a style uniquely his.

11/ 11/ 13 22/ 11/ 13
Crap ArtCraper Art

This was an open exhibition this time on the subject of toilets. This exhibition was full of works inspired by, and information about, toilets. Primarily however it was an art exhibition.

We had works by over fifty local artists on the subject of toilets, humorous paintings and ceramics, installations - Great Expectations - Miss Havisham's wedding dress and cake made entirely from toilet paper, driftwood commodes painted toilet seats and much more.

30/ 09/ 13 19/ 10/ 13
The Music of Merseyside

Africa Oye This was an open exhibition on the subject of Liverpool Music where over thirty artists showed their interpretation of Liverpool's music and musicians in paint, sculpture, and ceramics.

The exhibition showed the diversity of music coming out of Merseyside, not just pop bands and the Beatles but also our world class Philharmonic orchestra or the Merseyside Police Band.

12/ 08/ 13 29/ 08/ 13

An exhibition of recent paintings by Marc Jones, Marie McGowan and June Lornie.

We had the wood reliefs, paintings and collages of Marc Jones, the abstract paintings of Marie McGowan and June Lornies largely colourful and dramatic pieces.

The exhibition, a pastiche of works apparently so different in style and technique, highlighted the diverse ways in which an artist works to turn an initial concept into a finished piece of art.

16/ 07/ 13 26/ 07/ 13
The Other Side Of The Curtain

We were delighted to welcome Lynne Fitzgerald and Crissy Rock to the Liverpool Academy of Arts for their debut exhibition. Both are well known for their involvement in theatre and television however both have also always had a passionate interest in painting. For this exhibition they 'drew back the curtain' and revealed their other talent to us. Just click on the image above to see some samples from the exhibition.

16/ 07/ 13 26/ 07/ 13
The Scene Changes

Recent work by artist Grahame Ashcroft.

Grahame is a professional artist, based in New Brighton, whose paintings grace a number of private and municipal collections both in the UK & abroad.

'Joyful' is perhaps the word that encapsulates Grahame's paintings best. His works are brilliantly coloured, rather magical pieces, including landscapes which have a nostalgic, picture-book quality, like images of a world like ours, but not quite.

18/ 06/ 13 28/ 06/ 13
Studio 32Studio 32

A collaboration by thirtythree third year students studying for a Fine Arts.

17/ 05/ 13 30/ 05/ 13
Artwork by Lee Booth

Straight on to Canvas An exhibition of recent works by Liverpool artist Lee Booth.

17/ 05/ 13 30/ 05/ 13
How Does Your Garden Grow

Park Garden Our first open exhibition for 2013 was on the theme of "How Does, Your Garden Grow?".

We asked artists for illustration of what a garden meant to them, flowers and vegetables growing, the garden shed, irksome mowing, the birds and insects you might find etc.

The exhibition had over one hundred paintings and sculptures by forty artists.

25/ 03/ 13 11/ 04/ 13

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