The Liverpool Academy of Arts

What You Get

There are two galleries - the Picture Gallery and the Sculpture Gallery which are hired seperately. You can get a good idea of what they look like from the pictures in Visitor Info.

We stage exhibitions for a period of two weeks. It normally starts with a private view on a Monday evening and closes on the Friday of the week after.

For the exhibition we provide:-

  • Assistance in hanging the exhibition.
  • Arrange for coverage in the local press.  Where possible we try to get further media coverage but this cannot be guaranteed as we are dependent on their interest in the exhibition.
  • Create invitations for the private view which we send out to our own mailing list.  The exhibitor has up to a further 50 invitations (two people per invitation). More can be had but for an extra fee for printing.
  • We do not provide insurance.  We do have third party liability insurance however the works are not covered. It is up to the exhibitor(s) to arrange their own.
  • Provide Orange Juice and Wine free of charge at the private view. (Limited to two glasses per person)
  • Handle sales
  • Man the exhibition for the remaining days when it is open to the public
  • At the end of the exhibition it is the exhibitors responsibility to collect unsold works.  All unsold works not collected within two weeks of the exhibition closing will be sold with the proceeds of the sale going to the Liverpool Academy of Arts.
  • Once all the money on sales has been collected the exhibitor(s) receive statement listing all the sales and a cheque less our commission.

What Does It Cost?

The picture gallery costs 400 for a two week exhibitions as described above whilst the Sculpture Gallery costs 600 for the same period.