The Mad Hatter's Tea House

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This magnificent Doll's House was created by Marjorie Smith of the Dolls’ House Shop and Teddy Bear Café in New Brighton. The detail and amount of work put in by Marjorie is amazing - When you look at the pictures they could be almost full size yet the figures are only inches high.

You can see other examples of her work (including this doll's house after the exhibition has closed), buy everything you need to create your own dolls house and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and an excellent meal at Marjorie's Dolls' House Shop and Teddy Bear Café in Victoria Road New Brighton

Click on any of the images below to see enlarged versions.

Front elivation Front Elevation


All is revealed All is Revealed



Dolls House Top Left The Rabbit 's Attic


Dolls House Top Right The Tea Party



Dolls House Middle Left An Accident!


Dolls House Middle Right Tea Is Served



Dolls House Bottom Left Cook's Work


Dolls House Bottom Right Ladies' Afternoon Tea