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Grand Christmas Sale

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Paintings, Ceramics, Sculptures, Embroideries, Fossils

Give an original painting this year. Hand picked by you, to complement your friend or relative’s home and personality, it will give pleasure and bring back fond memories for years. For remember - “A picture is for life not just for Christmas” - this year’s gift can become tomorrow's valued heirloom, an art treasure forever linked to you and your generosity. So come and join us at this our last exhibition of the year, and take the opportunity to find that unique present for someone special to you which will also say something special about you too.

The exhibition will open Monday to Friday between 12 and 4.00 pm from Tuesday 27th November until Friday 14th December. For details on how to get there see How to Find Us

Below are some sample pictures frm the exhibiton. Just click on an image to see it full screen.

Nietizsche's Realm Nietizsche's Realm


Spencer John Derry

Dali- The Great M Dali- The Great M


Spencer John Derry

Afternoon Sun Afternoon Sun

Mixed Media

June Lornie

Lime Street Concourse 1 Lime Street Concourse 1

Charles Taylor

Lime Street Concourse 2 Lime Street Concourse 2

Charles Taylor