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To celebrate our entry into the 21st century we have asked the local artistic community to give us their impression of how things will be on earth a thousand years from now.

Throughout history people have used the arts to describe their vision of man's future. From literature H G Wells, George Orwell, Arthur C Clarke and from the art world the bleak post war landscapes of Paul Nash, the strange landscapes of the surrealists and of course the assorted fantasy illustrations that accompany the science fiction novels.

Now you will have a chance to see how over forty Merseyside artists think things will be and, to add to the atmosphere, we have given the Academy gallery a futuristic 'make over'. The picture above shows just part of it with our 'transmigration tubes'

The exhibition will open Monday to Friday between 12 and 4.00 pm from Tuesday 13th until Friday 23rd February. For details on how to get there see How to Find Us

Below are some sample pictures from the exhibiton. Just click on an image to see it full screen.

Disapearing Into Space Disapearing Into Space


Edgar Shakeshaft

Solo Life Solo Life


Pat Ferrie

The Nuclear Masochist The Nuclear Masochist


Spencer John Derry

Sinned of Affnn from the planet Mousella Sinned of Affnn from the planet Mousella

June Lornie

When Worlds Collide When Worlds Collide


Yvonne Irving

Breakfast In Space Breakfast In Space


Kevin Humphreys

Genisis II Genisis II


Iris Coates

Rebirth of the Pharaohs Rebirth of the Pharaohs


Spencer John Derry

Is There Anyone Out There? Is There Anyone Out There?


Yvonne Irving

All Stars All Stars

Acrylic and Wire

Elizabeth Fitzsimons

A Thousand Years of Rain A Thousand Years of Rain


Elizabeth White

Jelly Dwellings Jelly Dwellings


Trevor Bailey

Monculture Monoculture

Acrylic Collage

Dave Grimbleby

Void Void

Mixed Media

Jonathan Ramsey