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LAA Friend The Liverpool Academy of Arts traces its history back to 1769. Since that time it has relied upon the generous support of friends and patrons. When the Academy was re-established in 1989 by Arthur Dooley and Allan Johnstone, that tradition of patronage and support continued. The gallery has been financed and managed by volunteers for the benefit of artists and the wider community since 1989.

By becoming a friend of the Liverpool Academy of Arts you can support the charitable activities of the gallery for both your enjoyment and that of others. In return, as a 'thank you' for your support, the L.A.A. will offer you the following rewards:-

  • A priority invitation to every Private View throughout the year, normally one per month.

  • A free ticket to seasonal events e.g. concerts and entertainments.

  • A 10% discount on all purchases within the gallery

Becoming a friend of the L.A.A. will cost you a mere 2 per month. You will certainly gain more than 2 worth of pleasure from our Private Views, which are noted for their informal and friendly atmosphere. Moreover, if you buy the occasional art work, the savings you make on the discount will soon cover your subscription.

Just click on 'Become A Friend' below to download the form.

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The form is in rich text (rtf) format, so should be OK for everybody. Contact us if you have any problem.