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Click on the image above to play the video from the opening of our 2007 exhibition and follow the link - ComeTogether 2007  to see sample pictures from the exhibition.

The Liverpool Academy of Arts has been staging its annual Beatles exhibition since 1996 which usually runs throughout August coinciding with the Beatles convention and the Mathew Street festival.

The exhibition is open to any artist and, although mainly intended as a showcase for Merseyside talent, we do have contributions from as far away as New York. It contains paintings, sculpture, fashion, poetry etc. the only stipulation for inclusion is that work must have a theme relating to the Beatles. It may range from a portrait of one of the Beatles to an abstract representation of a aspect of their songs or events in their lives.

You can see sample pictures from all our previous exhibitions organised into Beatle category - The Four, John, Paul, George, Ringo, The Songs by clicking on the following:- Beatles Pictures

Or else click on one of the links below to see samples from individual exhibitions:-

Come Together 2007- Sample pictures from our 2007 exhibition.

Come Together 2006- Sample pictures from our 2006 exhibition.

Come Together 2005- Sample pictures from our 2005 exhibition.

Come Together 2001- This page has over forty sample pictures from this exhibition.

Come Together 2000 - There were over 80 artists contributing three hundred exhibits to this exhibition over half of which were sold.

Come Together - A few samples from our 1999 exhibition

If you are interested in exhibiting with us in this years "ComeTogether 2007" then complete and send the form below giving us some information about yourself and your work, and we will get back to you.

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