The Liverpool Academy of Arts

“The Liverpool Academy of Arts is a unique institution that encourages creativity across a range of social divides, makes art accessible to people who might not otherwise connect with it, and offers the opportunity for local people of even modest means, to purchase work for their own homes.”

Pat Ayers. Senior Lecturer in Economic History Manchester Metropolitan University

A Brief History >>>

• The Liverpool Academy has been exhibiting and selling works of art for nearly two hundred years. In that period it has been in and out of existence over a dozen times.

William Roscoe • The First Liverpool Academy was initiated in 1810 by William Roscoe and a group of local artists at the Crown and Anchor Tavern. It built upon the foundations of short-lived exhibiting societies that had started in 1769. Roscoe was a Liverpool M.P., banker, historian and slave abolitionist.

• The current Liverpool Academy of Arts was re-established in 1988 by Arthur Dooley, Arthur Dooley with the financial support of Allan Johnstone and the organisational ability of June Lornie. It aimed to carry on the work of the previous Academy headed by Adrian Henri. Dooley was a prominent Liverpool sculptor, activist, communist and catholic who died in 1994.

The Years 1988 to Current Day >>>

From December 1988 to December 2006 The Academy has organised over 200 exhibitions and theatrical performances. The Academy runs the yearly Beatles Exhibition which attracts contributors and visitors from all over the world.

• Over 2000 artists have exhibited their work with The Liverpool Academy of Arts in this period. Many of these artists have been professional and high profile, like Adrian Henri and Don McKinlay, but most have been those who create for pleasure, some exhibiting at a gallery for the first time.

• The Liverpool Academy building has for over 20 years provided dozens of artists and creative businesses with city centre studios and retail spaces.

• In 2006 The Liverpool Academy of Arts became a registered charity. Its objects are:-

"to advance education by promoting and encouraging exhibitions and performances to disseminate knowledge of the arts including painting, sculpture, collage, performance, drama, mime, dance, singing and music, and in particular to foster in members of the public who have not before visited exhibitions, purchased original artworks or produced a work of art an interest in both appreciating the arts and participating in them."

• In 2007 it moved to new and much larger premises at 32 Seel Street when Robinson and Neal, a well know seller of quality paints and Wallpaper, relocated their warehouse. You can see photographs and a video of this space if you click on 'Vistor Info' above. The vacated gallery in 36 Seel Street was taken over by Pauline Daniels who converted it into the "Actors Studio".